XSELLPRO Taking your business to the next level

Do you want to .
Design beautiful marketing campaigns that inspire action,
Get ahead in your business?
Be tracking or keeping records of your clients and transactions
Stay social?
Try a new way to market your business to increase your sales?
Be communicating with your customers without stress?
Or do you need an app that will help take orders?
Get Xsellpro.com!
Xsellpro.com is the newest form of website application that offers email services, text messaging, voice to text, social media marketing, two-way communication, marketing surveys, etc., to help business owners in an easy and efficient way to manage a book of businesses and helps taking customer engagements in their business to new levels. Xsellpro.com helps Build customer profiles quickly and easily.
The General Features and functions that distinguish Xsellpro.com from other website business apps include:
CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
Xsellpro.com is a great tool that helps business owners tackle the vital task of managing their clients’ contacts, organizations, leads, partners, vendors, and suppliers. With Xsellpro.com web-based CRM features you will surely be on top of your customer relationship at every stage
Email marketing campaign
Xsellpro.com campaign design is easy to use, and it enables business owners to create emails that will continually improve their sales performance. It also provides Mass Email and Email Templates
Social Media Engagement
With Xsellpro.com social media engagement, business owners can monitor, engage, and measure their social media community all in one dashboard; they can see their contact’s content and their public social media profile displayed right in Insightly. Also, with a single click they can explore their contact’s public profile information on platforms like Facebook so that business owners can improve their relationship with their clients.
Text Messaging / Voice to Text
Xsellpro.com is the best tool to create and send business text messages. The messages can be addressed to an individual client or as a bulk SMS during a business campaign or notifications to numerous clients at a time. This helps the growth of business.
TextMarketing/ Project monitoring
Xsellpro.com intuitive platform puts marketers in the driver’s seat. It helps in marketing surveys, simplifies the entire process of marketing from day-to-day management to reporting; also, With the project overview screen, you can see the recent activity on any project, and track project performance against milestones over time.
Other features of Xsellpro.com include; Order taking, Announcements, etc.
Variants of Xsellpro.com
For smooth engagement and easy marketing, Xsellpro.com comes in two variants such as the hardware (the tablets size and the larger lobby-size for kiosks and tables) and the software; which runs on different platforms like Windows, Android, iOS, etc.
Who Can Use Xsellpro.com
Xsellpro.com is meant for anyone involved in one business or the other, ranging from the small and medium scale business owners to the large business owners, marketers, suppliers, producers, corporate organisations, companies, etc.
Business owners can purchase the hardware by contacting us or download the software on our website at www.xselleo.com.